Sage Creek Rocks Science Fair!

Sage Creek had an awesome Science & Engineering Fair last week!  Students in 4th, 5th, and 6th gr all performed an experiment and displayed their results for all to see.  Several students progressed on to the district fair and will continue on to the BYU Science & Engineering Fair in March.  Way to go Sage Creek Dragons!

Sage Creek Teacher of the Week


Ginny Lund is a 2nd grade teacher at Sage Creek Elementary.  Her favorite subject to teach is reading, writing and music.  When asked about a funny teaching moment she has had she said she was speaking with a 5th grade student and asked “Where were you born” the student responded with “I don’t know” I said “Could you ask your mom” student said “I don’t think she was there!”   Ginny loves to plant and care for her perennial gardens and also enjoy reading.  Ginny is a pleasure to teach with and a positive influence at Sage Creek Elementary.