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School Community Council

Sage Creek Community Council 2019-20

Rules of Order & Procedure

2019-20 Members

2019-20 Meeting Dates & Times

We are  always looking for parents to join our community council to advise and provide insight for our school.    We have 5 parent members and 3 staff members on our council each year (members serve two-year terms) and will have an election if necessary.  If you desire to attend one of our community council meetings, you are welcome to regardless of if you are a member or not.  Community council meetings are open and public meetings. 

2019-20 Agendas

 Oct 1, 2019

Nov 5, 2019

Dec 3, 2019

Jan 7, 2020


2019-20 Minutes

Oct 1, 2019

Nov 3, 2019

Dec 3, 2019


School Improvement Plan 2019-20

Utah State Trustlands Site  

The state Trustlands site is where you will see how our council has allocated our allotment of funding.