May 2015

Seating Innovations Donates $200 to Sage Creek Library


Fifth and Sixth grades attended an assembly put on by Brad and Dana Moss of Seating Innovations to recognize teacher, inventor Carling Dorr Allen celerating his life and contributions. Seating Innovations donated two hundred dollars to the Sage Creek Library and have donated suspended seating tables in the past.

Sage Creek Donates to Books for a Better World

Brenda Burr

Sage Creek welcomes Alice Gartell, the President of Books for a Better World! Flying in from Phoenix, Arizona, Mrs. Gartell made a special visit to Sage Creek Dragons at our assembly to thank the students, faculty, and families -and Wal-Mart for making the largest single donation from a school ever to Books for Better World! Our own Mrs. Shruing will be delivering books for school libraries in behalf of our students in remote villages in several South American countries this summer.