November 2017

Ms. Lund's Class - Making Our School Beautiful!


Ms. Lund's 2nd gr class sure shows school spirit!  They are the class spotlight this week.  It started with 4 girls who helped Ms. Lund pick up some litter when she was on playground duty 2 weeks ago. Ms. Lund says, "We  picked up a few pieces of litter, and then found a big black trash bag on the ground. We filled it up before recess was over.  The next day, the 4 girls picked up litter again, with several more kids helping. They are still picking up bags of litter every day at recess, and are keeping our field litter-free.

Hall of History to honor great Americans

5th grade students have done it once again. They have worked hard, and shown what it looks like to be a great American. They each picked a famous American that had an impact on this great country. We had presidents, actors/actresses, abolitionists, astronauts, and many other great Americans. 5th grade put on an incredible show Thursday evening to show friends and family what they have learned about Americans. They sang songs and memorized speeches for people to listen to. On Friday they shared their speeches with their fellow Dragons. They also gave a great assembly. Mr.

3rd grade has a blast at BYU Planetarium & Bean Museum

Today was a great day to be a 3rd grader at Sage Creek! All of 3rd grade was able to go to BYU Planitarium where they learned about the stars, moon, planets, and comets. Afterwards they walked across campus to the Bean Museum. They learned lots of interesting facts about animals, and several other things. They ended it by an incredible show about ecosystems, and they got to see a real life lizard, frog and turtle.

Student Council Conference


A group of 6th graders from our Student Council got to attend a conference at BYU. They learned about positive leadership, setting a good example, and making our school a better place for everyone! They also got to participate in some team building activities. The students can't wait to put what they learned into action. 

Internet Safety


Today at Sage Creek we had a great assembly learning how important it is to stay safe on the internet. Please continue to share this message with your loved ones.

Hansen's Heroes


They've done it again! Sage Creek elementary students show their community how to be awesome students; by recieving this weeks Hansen's Heroes award.

PTA Reflections


Great Job to all of the participants of the 2017 Reflections competition! Sage Creek had over 150 applicants that showed how creative they are and that anything is "Within Reach". From visual art, dance, music, literature, filming, photography Sage Creek students showed what true creativity looks like!