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5 Students Participate in State Writing Contest - in Chinese!

Submitted by alison.hansen on Thu, 05/07/2020 - 16:20

Five of our 5th gr dual immersion students put their energy to good use during this time of school closure and entered a state-wide writing contest ... in Chinese!  The theme was "Chinese Take-Out" and students could write about any experience where they used their Chinese outside of a classroom setting.  So impressive!!

Kahliel Exon's shared a story about how he spoke Chinese with a lady from Shanghai where he met in Zion's park!  Hannah Gardner shared a story about last Springville Cultural Festival ,their family hosted a man from Taiwan,and he taught her a traditional music instrument named "Er Hu''and "Hu Lusi".  Carter Nilsson shared a story about he was trying to start a conversation with Chinese people where his family met in a cookie store In DisneyLand.  Izek Anderson shared a story about how he has been taught some religious words from the a religious book by the mother of the exchange student who lived in their house.  Hailee Lacy hasn't got a real chance to speak Chinese with native speakers, but she does want to share that studying Chinese is very useful and she wants to study more to be a teacher in the future and travel to China later, here is her story.