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Hour of Code Week Celebrated at Sage Creek

Submitted by alison.hansen on Fri, 12/09/2016 - 20:44

This week, students participated in Hour of Code, a global movement to give students an opportunity to try coding.  Employees from Inside Sales, a local business partner, have been working with Sage Creek students in our traditional classes since September teaching students principles of coding.  This week, they hosted an assembly for all of our students in 4th-6th gr.  The students learned about giving specific instructions to computers including using loops.  Along with our Unplugged Activity, Inside Sales shared several opportunities to try coding using computers, tablets, or even smart phones.  These can be found at the website:

There are many different coding opportunities on this website.  For our assembly, we focused on the Moana activity, but if another coding activity is more interesting (Minecraft, Star Wars, Frozen, etc.) please do that!

 Coding helps students learn to think differently.  It helps them learn problem-solving techniques including breaking problems into smaller steps, noticing when steps are repeated, and persisting until a working solution is reached.  This benefits students in almost every subject.  Give coding a try today!

A huge THANK YOU to Inside Sales for their time and efforts in working with our students each week!