Janeen Scott Presented PTA Service Award

Pamela Tippetts
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Springville/Mapleton PTA Service Award was present to
Janeen Scott at Sage Creek School on November 20, 2012. In
a tribute to Ms. Scott, Facilitator Pam Tippetts said, “When
she first came to Sage Creek, she had a dream to start her
own choir, patterned after The Bell Choir at Temple Square, of
which she is a member. Over the years she has trained young
musicians before school in how to read music, keep time
with each other, correct chime technique and performance
behaviors. She has written several grants to purchase the
chimes and the sheet music as well as dedicating hundreds
of hours to teaching these young people. It is one of her
many passions. Her latest aspiration is to obtain the funds
to purchase the magnificent set of bells from Springville High

Ms. Scott also serves as the school’s Technology
Specialist. “She is our go-to girl! The pace of change in
software and hardware in this new “Wired World” runs at
light speed and Ms. Scott can ride the wave,” said Tippetts.

Some of her other interests include traveling to Europe,
cake decorating, and costume design. Ms. Scott is a
professional seamstress and has designed wedding dresses,
suits, and over the top Halloween costumes. Medusa,

Malificent, and The Red and White Queen from Alice in
Wonderland are some of her favorites.

Our motto is “Sage Creek Dragons are Fired Up to
Learn.” Ms. Scott is a true dragon. She earned a Bachelors
Degree in Education at UVU and a Masters Degree in Special
Education from the University of Utah and participates in
ongoing Utah Common Core training so that her depth of
knowledge can enrich her craft as a teacher.

“My final “shout out” must be for her deep love of
learning. You can walk into Ms. Scott’s classroom at any
time during the day and you will be awestruck at the high
level of energy and engagement of her students,” Tippetts
continued. “Science experiments are always “hands on.”
Their math explorations enhance student understanding and
competence. Her personal library of approximately 1500
books is available to all of them, through a custom built
check-out system on her own personal iPad.

Tippetts ended the tribute by paraphrasing Henry
Wadsworth Longfellow quote found on Ms. Scott’s teacher
homepage : “The Love of learning, the sequestered nooks,
and all the sweet serenity of books can be found in her
classroom. She knows to the marrow of her bones the value

of the weight of words in their hands and minds.”