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Sage Creek welcomed students from Beijing, China

Submitted by anthony.bowden on Wed, 02/12/2014 - 20:40
Brenda Burr

Sage Creek welcomed 63 students from Fengtai Elementary in Beijing, China. Families of Sage Creek students hosted the children in their homes for three days. The Chinese students joined with Sage Creek students for a celebration of the Chinese New Year during an assembly that included a chopstick competition and singing, dancing, and instrumental performances from our Chinese guests. Sage Creek immersion students sang two songs in Chinese for our guests and the whole student body sang the traditional Chinese New Year song. The Chinese students even joined with Sage Creek students to do the Sage Creek school dance and to participate in our three on three basketball tournament! Chinese students joined Sage Creek classes for the rest of the day. Friday evening at the Springville High School auditorium, Sage Creek students and our Chinese visitors performed again for families and the community. Sage Creek had a wonderful opportunity to see that we a have a lot in common.