Wiggle Chairs - A Fun Way to Enhance Learning!

Chandler Greenburg

Mrs. Greenburg's 3rd gr class has some new pieces of furniture!  From Mrs. Greenburg:  At the beginning of the year I quickly realized that I had several "wiggle worms" in my class who needed physical movement almost constantly.  Movement is key when teaching elementary school (and any age, really). In general, flexible or alternative seating allows students different seating options where students can lay, stand, or sit in different areas or ways.  I began looking into various flexible seating options, and I fell in love with stability ball chairs. The ball chairs allow students to get out their excess energy while circulating blood and oxygen to their brain.  Other benefits include core strength, better posture, and increased motivation and engagement. It's also exciting to know you get to sit in something other than a cold, hard chair for six hours each day. I created a project on DonorsChoose.org and shared it with my students and their parents, as well as my friends and family on Facebook.  Within five days the project had fully funded.  The kids and I were in shock and truly felt the love coming from people who know them and people across the country who believe in them. It has been an overwhelming and joyous experience for us all. We love to wiggle while we work!

Thank you!