School News

Marshmallow Bridges

Mrs. Marchant's class brought their story they are reading, 'Building the Golden Gate Bridge' to life by building their very own marshmallow bridges. We love to learn here at Sage Creek! #SCDragons #Fireduptolearn

United Way Day of Care

We appreciate the United Way who partnered the Utah County Commissioner's offices with our school to repaint our hopscotch and US map on the playground.   It was part of United Way's Day of Caring, a state-wide iniative on Sept 13, 2018.  Students loved the new look!

Hansen's Heroes


Our first group of Hansen's Heroes are a prime example of how excellant the students are here at Sage Creek! 

Partnering with Smith's to Earn iPads for Classrooms!


 If you are a Smith's reward member, you can link our school to your rewards which will result in Smith's giving us a fraction of all of your sales.  It will not reduce your benefits in any way, but is a way to give a charity of your choice some kickback (we hope you choose us!).  You can link us to your account on www.smiths