School News

100th Day of School/2nd grade

Tuesday, January 31st, was the 100th day of school for second graders at Sage Creek Elementary!  "It's the 100th day of school today ... let's start the day with a grin. For tomorrow will be 101 .. so let the celebrations begin!" There were all kinds of fun activities to celebrate having spent 100 exciting days learning, i.e., 100 piece puzzles, triple-digit math problems, games with the hundred board, read 100 books, write 100 words, etc.  At the end of the day, we made 100th Day Stew with each students' 100 items they brought to add!

A Visit From China

Sage Creek Elementary School students felt a little closer to their Chinese counterparts as Chinese students traveled around the world to meet the Sage Creek Dragons on Monday, February 6, 2012.  Under the direction of community member Ann Haupt and with the help of Clair Taylor, a member of our school community council, twelve students from a high school in Bejing included a stop at Sage Creek to perform some traditional skills in music an dance during their tour of the western United States.  The Chinese students also combined their voices with ours to sing the traditional Chinese song, 

Sage Creek Science Fair

As part of Sage Creek Elementary School’s effort to create a greater science awareness, which was one of the School Community Council goals, February 7 – 10th was Science Fair Week for the Dragons.  Every student at the school had the opportunity to participate in a science fair project this week.  Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students displayed their individual projects ranging from preserving banana’s and natural dyes to whitening toothpaste and magnetic properties for the student body and for grade level judges.  Students who scored the highest points in presentation, knowledge of subje

Second Grade Walking Report Card for SEP Conferences

On Thursday, January 12th, the second grade students at Sage Creek had their annual Walking Report Card SEP Conferences! For this conference, our students participated in a progress report that actually showed parents what their child could do. This was the students chance to show off! A Walking Report Card is a progress report provided for parents in the form of an organized observation of their child in a school setting. Parents were provided the opportunity to assess their child's progress by watching him/her participate in academic and social activities.

Pizza, Pizza

On Wednesday, January 25th, the second grade students at Sage Creek Elementary were treated to a visit from Little Caesar’s Pizza as part of their social studies ‘goods and services’ unit.   Kyle Krebs, a former Sage Creek student and manager of the hard working Little Caesar’s Pizza team, is totally committed to excellence and serious about having fun.  Kyle demonstrated this as he rolled out balls of pizza dough creating pizzas for the students to sample!  The students learned how all of the dough is made fresh every day and needs to rise for 12 hours!  We also learned that the most popul

Chineese New Year

January 23rd marked the beginning of Chinese New Year and was celebrated both abroad and at Sage Creek Elementary.  This year it was an especially significant event for Sage Creek Elementary Dragons as it is the year of the Dragon and also celebrates our first year as a Chinese Dual Language Immersion School!  Students started the day with a traditional Chinese Dragon parade and along with noise-makers chanted the phrases for Happy New Year ( Xin Nian Kuai Le) and Congratulations ( Gong Xi ) in Chinese as the dragon passed.  Students in each grade level also learned the story behin

December Determined Dragons

At Sage Creek Elementary, classes are taught weekly the following Character Education skills:  how to show appreciation, accept responsibility, and make good choices.  These students have been chosen to be the Determined Dragons for the month of December because they have made our school a better place by using their Character Education skills.  They are: Lizzie Blonquist, Tyler Call, Andrew Florence, Mario Gallegos, Emma Goslin, Noah Houtz, Hailey Rollins, Addy Rowland, Adam Taylor, Ethan White, Audrey Wood.  Congratulations awesome students!!


Fourth grade students at Sage Creek Elementary were fortunate to be able to attend a performance of the Utah Symphony on Monday, December 19th at Salem Hills High School.  All of the fourth grade students in the district are invited to see and hear the symphony perform each year and for some this is a once in a lifetime experience.  In preparation for this significant event the students have been learning about different musical instruments, composers, and types of music.  They all dressed in their very best  for this extra special occasion and had an experience they will never forget

The Proposal

A fairy tale came to life in Mrs. Robbins  4th grade class at  Sage Creek Elementary.  A handsome prince arrived at their class (although not on horseback) dressed in his finest princely attire with flowers in hand.  He got down on one knee in front of the awestruck class and proposed to their much beloved student teacher princess, Melissa Griffin!  Naturally, and thankfully for the prince, she accepted his proposal Everyone was excited, and very glad that she said YES and are sure that they will love happily ever after.

Orchestra Concert

Sage Creek students of all ages were treated to their annual 6th Grade Orchestra Christmas Concert.  Students played Christmas songs from around the world and had the audience chime in for a verse of their favorite - Jingle Bells!  Members of the orchestra have been coming to school at 8:00 AM for two to three days a week since the beginning of the school year; many had never even picked up an instrument before this time.  Orchestra members are:  Violin:  Allen Bird, Abbey Deyo, Adam Gee Cala Giles, Ashlyn Glazier, Amanda Guernsey, Haley Green, Chandler Jones, and Emma Scott.  Cello