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January Determined Dragons

Submitted by diana.guinn on Mon, 02/01/2010 - 14:50
January Determined Dragons.jpg

At Sage Creek Elementary, classes are taught weekly the following Character Education skills: how to show appreciation, accept responsibility, and make good choices. These students have been chosen to be the Determined Dragons for the month of January because they have made our school a better place by using their Character Education skills. They are:
Jeslyn Betts, Jessica Brooks, Chloe Burns, Karlee Clark, Brenda Espino, Robert Espino, Swazie Evans, Chandler Graves, Kallie Graves, Ashley Hansen, Ana Hoopes, Jaymon Jordan, Presley Kennard, Johby Meyer, Trace Molen, Montserrat Morales, Brayan Oliva, Cassandra Orozco, Jocelyn Salazar, Emma Scott, Kayla Squire, Alyssa Thomas