5 Students Participate in State Writing Contest - in Chinese!

Submitted by alison.hansen on Thu, 05/07/2020 - 16:20
5 Students Participate in State Writing Contest - in Chinese!

Five of our 5th gr dual immersion students put their energy to good use during this time of school closure and entered a state-wide writing contest ... in Chinese!  The theme was "Chinese Take-Out" and students could write about any experience where they used their Chinese outside of a classroom setting.  So impressive!!

Kahliel Exon's shared a story about how he spoke Chinese with a lady from Shanghai where he met in Zion's park!  Hannah Gardner shared a story about last Springville Cultural Festival ,their family hosted a man from Taiwan,and he taught her a traditional music instrument named "Er Hu''and "Hu Lusi".  Carter Nilsson shared a story about he was trying to start a conversation with Chinese people where his family met in a cookie store In DisneyLand.  Izek Anderson shared a story about how he has been taught some religious words from a religious book  by the mother of the exchange student who lived in their house.  Hailee Lacy hasn't got a real chance to speak Chinese with native speakers, but she does want to share that studying Chinese is very useful and she wants to study more to be a teacher in the future and travel to China later, here is her story.

PTA Teacher Appreciation Video - From Our Amazing PTA!!

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PTA Teacher Appreciation Video - From Our Amazing PTA!!

To the INCREDIBLE Sage Creek Community!

We could have never hoped you would come through like you did with photos and videos for our Sage Creek Staff!  We apologize if some of your videos or pictures didn't make it in! We tried so hard to include everything we got, but it's inevitable we missed something. Please forgive us!
As I personally was putting it together, it was hard to hold back my own tears of gratitude as I saw you express yours!
From the bottom of my heart - Thank you!
Your Sage Creek PTA :)

Do you have personal items at school?

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Do you have personal items at school?

We anticipate Governor Herbert's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" directive to be relaxed enough after May 1 to invite you to school to retrieve any personal items you or your children may want.  If you desire us to bag up your child's belongings, please fill out the following survey this week.  This same survey will be posted in each of our teacher's virtual classrooms this week and on our school website and social media sites.  Those items not bagged up will be disposed of so we can begin our deep summer cleaning process.  The survey is due Fri, May 1.

 Parents may come to school for their child's belongings Mon or Tues, May 4 or 5, from 9 am - 12 pm The procedure will go as follows - you will pull your car up to the curb, a school employee will greet you at the curb to get your student's names and will retrieve the items for you and bring them to your car.  You will not get out of your car  ... it's curbside service!  Think of it like drop-off/pick-up, that's what we envision it looking like.   We have been cleaning and infecting the school and are significantly liming people in our building to adhere to safe and healthy guidelines.  

Please complete this survey if you have and/or want your child's personal belongings from school (fill out one for each child):



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