Sage Creek has Talent


Sage Creek hosted the talent variety show today. Studens sang, rode unicycles, danced and much much more. It was an incredible show! see more pictures on our facebook page.

Spring Pictures Coming Up!

Wed, Apr 12 is Spring picture day!  Please see the attached flyer if you are interested.  Unlike Fall pictures where everybody gets their picture taken, only those students who bring in a packet will have their picture taken.  There are also different backgrounds and optiosn available, the flyer has all the information.  Please click on link for flyer.  Say cheese!

Spring Picture Flyer


Sage Creek March Madness


Sage Creek March Madness basket ball tournament finished last week. The tounament has been played during lunch time for the past several weeks. The tournament concluded by playing the final games in front of the 5th and 6th grade students. The students played great games and entertained their peers with great games.

Go the Distance Awards


Congratulations to the students at Sage Creek Elementary for earning the weekly "Go the Distance Award". Students earn the award by going the extra distance to make Sage Creek a great place to be.

Teacher Spotlight at Sage Creek

Dayna Tanner is a Kindergarten teacher at Sage Creek Elementary.  She has taught for 20 years.   She graduated from BYU and also received a master’s degree from USU.  Her favorite subject to teach is Reading and Writing. When asked a funny teaching moment she said that she was teaching and asked “What do trees give us? What comes from tree’s?  a student answered “Toilet paper” then another student said “Oh yeah – I saw toilet paper on tree’s before”.  Dayna likes to watch old movies, go hiking and go on quiet walks on the beach.  We are happy she is with us at Sage Creek Elementary.