"Kaught" in Kindness

Mrs. Bingham has started "Kaught" in Kindness, and it belongs to students and faculty members who go out of their way to do something nice for another member of our school.

A special congratulations to the following dragons who were "Kaught" in Kindness.

*Miguel Piceno helped picked up spilled supplies even though they didn't belong to him.

* Mr. Stuart for refereeing during the 5th and 6th grade March Madness.

* Spencer for helping other students around the room who didn't understand. 

Ms. Murdoch, 6th gr teacher - A Published Author!

A hearty congratulations to Ms. Murdoch for her recent publication.  While a student at Brigham Young University, she pursued research with Dr. Tim Morrison.  Her area of study was in literacy development in children.  An research project she spent significant time with dealing with textual demands on young readers was recently published in an influential journal.  Congratulations, Ms. Murdoch!


Kindergarten has a Magic Treehouse!


Mrs. Mousser's class has designed and created their very own Magic Treehouse. They decided to make their very own treehouse when they fell in love with the adventures contained in the book series "The Magic Treehouse". They have been dramatizing scenes from the stories. Going to magical lands and having adventures of their own.