Safe walking route to Sage Creek Elementary


Carpool Safety Program: Questions and Answers

1. What is the traffic flow pattern in front of the school supposed to
For several years, parents and teachers have expressed concern that the traffic and congestion in
front ofthe school is endangering our children. Our foremost concern has been to create a traffic
pattern so that no child has to cross in front of moving traffic in order to meet a carpool or to get
home from school, except at the marked crosswalk.
2. Whose ideas was this anyway?
The traffic flow patterns are a joint effort between concerned parents and the Sage Creek
Community Council (a council made up of parents, PT A representatives, and teachers). The
council met with the Springville Police Department and the Risk Management Supervisor for
Nebo School District in creating this plan.
3. Why have you cut off access to the parking lots? Sometimes I have a legitimate need to
    park my car during the period of time when the parking lot is closed.
Students who walk south along 700 East have to cross in front of the entrance and exit for the
parking lot. Out safety documentation showed us that the lack of visibtlity for drivers entering
and exiting the parking lot created a significant enough safety hazard to warrant closing the
parking lot for fifteen minutes both before and after school. Parents who need to park during
those brief closure periods have usually found ample parking space against the east curb of 700
4. Where does the carpool lane begin and end?
The carpool lane runs along the west side of700 South, beginning south of the crosswalk and
continuing to the end of the south parking lot. Please do not park in the red zone north of the
crosswalk or at the comer of 1000 South and 700 East.
5. Why do I need to constantly move forward in the carpool lane? Can't I just stay put
     until my children are all in the car?
A goal of the carpool lane is to alleviate congestion. Parents are asked to move their cars as far
forward as possible, and in the afternoon, this may necessitate moving more than once, depending
on how quickly your carpool loads. After school, moving cars forward helps alleviate congestion
from cars attempting to turn onto 700 East from 1000 South. We remind parents to use caution
and be certain that children are safely in the vehicle before moving forward.
6. Why can't I make a U-turn in front of the school?
There is no law that prevents you from making a U-turn. We are asking that parents do not make
U-turns, because it creates significant traffic flow problems. We appreciate those who are
willing to put the safety of others ahead of personal convenience.
7. I've never seen a bus parked in the bus zone. Why can't we use that area for drop-off
    and pick up?
The laws that govern Bus Zones are federally mandated. Where the curb is painted green, it is
unlawful for a car to park or even stop temporarily - even if a bus in nowhere in sight.
Kindergarten and preschool students board their busses just outside their classrooms on the south
side of the building. This is the only safe, supervisable unloading zone for these very young
students. It is not an option to move it to another location.
8. Who can I call if I have suggestions for improvement to the traffic flow plan?
The safety plan is a work in progress. Suggestions for improvements are welcome. Your
improvement suggestions need to take into consideration the safety of all Sage Creek students.

The safety of the students at Sage Creek has been our most significant concern. Inconvenience, though important, is a secondary concern.