Springville Track and Field-5th Grade

Submitted by shavon.mousser on Thu, 04/20/2023 - 20:42

5th Graders attended Springville's Track and Field event on Wednesday, April 19th.  Many Sage Creek Dragons placed in their respective events!  Way to go, Dragons!

Shiloh Cooper (Softball Throw, 5th place)

Gunner Gardner (100 Meter, 2nd place; 200 Meter 2nd place)

Cyrus Allen (100 Meter, 5th place; 400 Meter 5th place)

Tallin Morley (400  Meter 3rd place; 800 Meter 1st place)

Quinton McClean (400 Meter 6th place)

Autumn Young (Long Jump 2nd place; 200 Meter 1st place; 400 Meter 2nd)

Malea Buck (Softball Throw 2nd place)

Baylee Bird (Softball Throw 3rd place; 200 Meter 4th place)

Lucy Bentile (100 Meter 3rd place)

Emmie Straw (100 Meter 6th place)

Lynzie Arnold (200 Meter 6th place)

Willow Rees (800 Meter 1st place)


Shavon Mousser, Nick Runolfson, Julie Wood

Classified Employee of the Year-Mr. Grotegut

Submitted by shavon.mousser on Thu, 04/20/2023 - 09:06

Mr. Grotegut is our Classified Employee of the Year!  Mrs. Betts spoke for all of us at Sage Creek when she presented the award:

"Scott Grotegut is the kind of Employee that every school dreams of.  He works so hard to make our school a great place to be in so many ways. We are so lucky to have him at Sage Creek.

We can always count on Scott to come quickly when his help is needed.  He cares about the staff and students at our school and works hard to prove it. He is always looking out for the teachers and staff. Our school is very well taken care of and nothing stays broken or dirty for long when Scott is around.

Scott really is the heart of our school. The students are crazy about him and they respect and love him. The students consider him a friend and an adult they can trust.  To find Scott sitting down with the 5th graders to play a board game is not a surprise because he’s just that cool. He can often be found passing out high fives and words of encouragement.

Scott spent countless hours this winter clearing the walks and areas around our school which was no small task. We are so grateful he was willing to spend so much time out in the cold so that the staff and students could make it into the building safely. He kept our heaters running and our entryways clean and clear all winter long.

We love having Scott at Sage Creek. He is literally the best!"

Shavon Mousser