Volunteer Thank you

Submitted by diana.guinn on Fri, 10/08/2010 - 08:52

Sage Creek first graders in Mrs. Shaffer's class began learning about the number eight and spiders by walking into a giant spiderweb! Students came into a classroom webbed by a giant spider who came in the form of a volunteer parent. Parents are the extra hands and hearts that help to make learning fun and exciting for students within the classroom. We appreciate the many parents who donate their time, energy and talents to help teachers in the education of our students. We couldn't do it without you. Thank you Sage Creek Volunteers!

Power Plant

Submitted by diana.guinn on Fri, 10/08/2010 - 08:40

This year, Sage Creek Elementary fifth grade students were treated to an incredible field trip at the Springville Power Plant. Understanding the way electricity works is part of the fifth grade Utah State Science Core. curriculum. The power plant employees took time to teaches our students about conductors and insulators, power line safety and close circuits. Thank you Springville Power Plant for helping our students learn about power and electricity!!

Monarch Migration

Submitted by diana.guinn on Fri, 10/08/2010 - 08:37

It’s Monarch migration time at Sage Creek Elementary! The second grade students spent the month of September observing the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly. After collecting eggs from local milkweed plants in Springville, the children then cared for the caterpillars until each caterpillar shed its skin to reveal a beautiful green chrysalis. They then waited for the anticipated day that the butterflies would hatch. This year the students released 32 monarch butterflies that they are surely now heading to either California or Mexico for the winter. Thanks to Ms. Sayers for so much time spent after hours and on weekends finding the Monarch eggs that make this experience possible for Sage Creek second graders.

Walk to School Day

Submitted by diana.guinn on Wed, 10/06/2010 - 15:09

Sage Creek Elementary students participating in Walk To School day were greeted with a "surprise" table at the crosswalk as a reward for their efforts. Both Springville Fire Department and Police Department were on hand to congratulate and celebrate the walkers. The Fire truck turned on it's sirens as Officer David Corone helped students cross the streets safely in the crosswalks and using fluorescent flags. Sage Creek encourages all healthy lifestyle activities and teaches students and parents alike the importance of using designated crosswalks. Thanks to the Sage Creek PTA, Springville Police and Fire Departments ad to 6th grade teacher, Stephanie Richards, for making this event such a successful one

Pedrestrian Round-up

Submitted by diana.guinn on Wed, 10/06/2010 - 15:07

Thanks to the Sage Creek School PTA students and faculty of the school were able to participate in a Pedestrian Round-Up as part of Green Ribbon (safety) Week. Students had instruction in using crosswalks, identifying street signs, and the Stranger Danger program. Thanks to Officer Dustin Anderson from the Springville Police Force, Bethany Child from the PTA and the many parent volunteers who made this experience possible for Sage Creek students. We are safer because of you!