Science Rocks at Sage Creek

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Science Rocks at Sage Creek!

Nearly three hundred Sage Creek students in grades four through six participated in the school level science fair in preparation to go forward to the district and region competitions.

The science fair gives students an opportunity to synthesize several learning skills into one project. Using reading and writing skills to research a topic all students are encouraged to participate by asking a question, developing a hypothesis, conducting an experiment and coming up with a conclusion. They use math skills to take measurements, calculate averages and create graphs. They then write about and display this process through pictures and narratives on a science board to be viewed by fellow students and judged by independent judges. They use communication skills to talk to judges, teachers and fellow students about what they have learned. Students also develop critical thinking skills as they create experiments that are scientifically sound and synthesize what they’ve leaned.

While waiting to be judged students were also able to participate in a variety of science activities put together by the PTA. These activities included; fingerprint classification, baking soda/vinegar interaction, science word games, and after imaging- just to name a few. Eight winners from fifth and twelve from sixth grade will compete in the Nebo District Science Fair. Winners from this level will continue on to the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair held at BYU, with opportunities to advance even further.

Volunteers are desperately needed to help organize the fair for future years. People are needed to ore supplies, publicize the fair and recruit other volunteers. If you would like to help organize, judge, or have other skills that would help with the Science Fair, please Contact Sonia Bartholomew (soniabartholomew [at], 491-7449), or Sheila Robbins (sheila.robbins [at], 489-2860)

A huge thanks to the contagious enthusiasm and many long hours and sleepless nights of PTA volunteer, Mrs. Bartholomew, and fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Robbins. They along with the hard work of many volunteers, teachers, parents and students, the 2010 Sage Creek Science Fair was a huge success

Sage Creek Scientists!

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The followng fifth and sixth graders were winners at the Sage Creek Science Fair that took place February 2-4. They are: Lisa Calhoun, Josh Anderson, Beau Barker, Daniel Salazar & Alex Osborn, Devin Chamberlain & Adam Warren, Jotham Draper, Jonathan Houtz & Kimball Hooper, Joshual Davies, Sydney Hickman, Bailey Witney Christian Jensen, Katelyn Bingham, Rebecca Houtz, Abigal Jackman, Savannah Walker & Tessa Burns, Allison Ells, Ireland Thomas, Spencer Taylor, Kendra Molen, and Dallin Jones. These students will continue on to district level Science Fair at Diamond Fork Jr. High in Spanish Fork on February 24th. Congratulations Sage Creek Scientists!

January Determined Dragons

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At Sage Creek Elementary, classes are taught weekly the following Character Education skills: how to show appreciation, accept responsibility, and make good choices. These students have been chosen to be the Determined Dragons for the month of January because they have made our school a better place by using their Character Education skills. They are:
Jeslyn Betts, Jessica Brooks, Chloe Burns, Karlee Clark, Brenda Espino, Robert Espino, Swazie Evans, Chandler Graves, Kallie Graves, Ashley Hansen, Ana Hoopes, Jaymon Jordan, Presley Kennard, Johby Meyer, Trace Molen, Montserrat Morales, Brayan Oliva, Cassandra Orozco, Jocelyn Salazar, Emma Scott, Kayla Squire, Alyssa Thomas

Second Grade Pizza

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On Wednesday, January 27th, the second grade students at Sage Creek Elementary were treated to a visit from Domino’s Pizza as part of their social studies ‘goods and services’ unit. Becky, a member of the hard working Domino's Pizza team, is totally committed to excellence and serious about having fun. Becky demonstrated this as she tossed two combined balls of pizza dough into the air, creating one of the largest pizzas we have ever seen! We also found out that her favorite pizza topping is pineapple!

The students learned how all of their dough starts out in Denver, Co., before making its way to the stores across the world. We also found out that a “spoodle” is the tool used to both scoop and spread the sauce onto the dough. Three of the second grade teachers were given the chance to roll out their own ball of dough and then try their hand at throwing it up into the air to stretch it out. We think you better just stick to teaching, teachers!
  Becky taught us how Domino’s Pizza began nearly 50 years ago as one small pizza shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The two brothers that started the company originally thought to put one dot on the domino logo for each store they opened. Soon, however, they found out all of their dots would no longer fit . . . they had too many stores! Today, they have about 8,700 store locations worldwide.

At the close of their presentation, all of the second graders were treated to a hot slice of this world famous pizza. Thank you, Domino’s Pizza, for an awesome and tasty visit!

Chinese New Year

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Throughout the month of January Sage Creek students have been sampling the Chinese Culture in the media center. At the same time, Sage Creek administration, teachers and parents have been gathering information about the possibility of beginning a Chinese Duel Immersion language program in the first grade next year Mrs. Rasmussen, Librarian, took time to find and display clothing samples, pictures of food and landscapes in addition to reading stories about and celebrating the Chinese New Year with the traditional silk dragon. Students always have fun learning in our library!! Thanks Mrs. Rasmussen!