Sixth Grade Math Links



UTIPS Teacher Login Teacher Log-In: Set up 6th grade tests for your students
UTIPS tutorial In case you have forgotten how!
Jeopardy Use this powerpoint to informally assess 6th grade math skills

Lesson Plans

USU Core Academy Access handbooks from USU Core Academy. Math core: 2003 and 2005; Science Core: 2004 and 2006.
Jordan School District Mathematics Page Great selection of hands-on pre-algebra lesson plans
SCORE Mathematics Lessons Schools of California Online Resources for Educators
Cross-curricular lesson plans organized by standard and level
Illuminations NCTM lesson plan site
New York Times Daily Lesson Plans Archive of lesson plans developed around recent newspaper articles. Link to article plus activities.
Math Forum 87 lesson plans for 6th grade
Discovery School Lesson plans developed by Discovery Channel
Harcourt Brace eLab Interactive activities with printable companion worksheets


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives The ultimate virtual manipulate site maintained by USU
Internet 4 Classrooms Links for interactive activities organized by standard

Interactive Activities

Ratio Ratio Tutorial: Skip Intro and choose Lesson 3
Place Value AAA math: When given a numeral, indentify the place value of digits
  Mega Penny Project: Explore large numbers
  Math Cats: Type in a large number and convert to words

AAA math: Write the numeral the expanded form represents

  Place Value Pirates: Includes Decimals
Exponents Tutorial and Quiz
Order of Operations Funbrain: Operation Order
  Amby Tutorial
  Regents Practice Activities
  Grid matching game download
Estimation AAA Math: Front End Estimation
Decimals Great video tutorial (Click Skip Intro, then click Lesson 1)
  Kidport: Adding with 2 decimal digits
  Kidport: Adding with 3 decimal digits
  Funbrain: Mulitiplying decimals
  NLVM: Adding and subtracting decimals using base 10 blocks
  Adding Decimals: Push the green blocks into holes to make the target number
  Fun Brain: Multiplying Decimals
Variables and Expressions Alginon's Algebra Explorer
  Equation Match from BBC
Computation I Know That Mathblox: (Click Maybe Later on registration screen) Multiplication Facts
  Multiplication mystery
  Mulitiplication Tunnel Blaster
  The Digit Workout
Fractions NLVM-adding fractions with mixed denominators
  Illuminations Fraction Game
  Spy Guys Interactive: Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers. (Click Skip Intro, then click Lesson 2)
  Adding fractions with like denominators (Circle Graphs)
  Soccer Shootout--FunBrain game multiplying fractions and writing in lowest terms
  Find Grampy: Visualizing fractions
  NLVM: Visualizing division of fractions
Fractions/Decimals Death to Decimals--Converting fractions and decimals
  Comparing Fractions and Decimals--Toon University
Factors, Multiples, and Prime Numbers Factor Tree --Find the prime factors of given numbers or insert your own
  Spy Guys Interactive: Factors, Multiples, and Prime Numbers (Click Skip Intro, then click Lesson 7)
  Divisibility Rules--Even one for 7!
  Sieve of Eratosthenes--Gradually reveal all the prime numbers between 1 and 400.
  Number Cop--Choose Prime Numbers (also good for multiplication practice)
Ratio Ratio Tutorial: Skip Intro and choose Lesson 3 Ratio Tutorial: Skip Intro and choose Lesson 3
Measurement Surface Area Tutorial: Skip Intro and choose lesson 14
  Volume Tutorial: Skip Intro and choose lesson 15


Mapleton Sixth Grade Lots of cross curricular links
Dictionary Interactive math dictionary for kids (and parents!)
Calculator Larger than the Windows version
Classic Math Fallacies Proofs that defy common sense, such as 1=2
Math Magic Tricks
Daily Dose of Brainteasers