Sage Creek Student Council

Submitted by shavon.mousser on Fri, 09/08/2023 - 07:49

We held the elections for 5th Grade Student Council on Aug 30.  Students wrote essays, put up posters, and prepared 30 second memorized speeches as their peers walked down the 5th grade hall.

Student Council 2023-2024

Miriam Jenkins

Andrew Herrera

Charlotte Clark

Charlotte Tuttle

Victor Manzanilla

Bryson Lacy

Amy Warren

Jane Archibald

Israel Jimenez

Rowen Browning

Saige Aders

Wilder Opt Hof

Shavon Mousser and Lindsey Harris

STEM Project in Ms. McCoullough's Class

Submitted by shavon.mousser on Thu, 09/07/2023 - 16:26

Ms. McCullough's students participated in a STEM Project in which they needed to make a tower using notecards. On the notecards, students wrote things they had in common with members of their group.  This was a great "Get to Know You" activity and students also found commonalities with one another.

Shavon Mousser and Megan McCullough

Spaghetti Towers

Submitted by shavon.mousser on Tue, 09/05/2023 - 13:39

Mr. Runolfson's 5th grade students worked on communication skills and teamwork as they built spaghetti towers.  They had a great time trying to
build the tallest towers to hold up a marshmallow!

Shavon Mousser, Nick Runolfson

1st Day of Kindergarten!

Submitted by shavon.mousser on Wed, 08/23/2023 - 18:25

It was a GREAT first day of Kindergarten at Sage Creek!  It was a little tiring for the all-day kiddos, but they did it!  Our day began with reading "The Gingerbread Man, Loose in the School".  We followed clues around the school to find the Gingerbread Man, meeting a lot of important people (art teacher, office staff, principal, librarian and lunchroom workers) along the way. When we finally made it back to our classroom, the Gingerbread Man left us a treat!

We also learned about rules and procedures to follow in our classroom.  For math, we learned about sorting and grouped together Froot Loops by color (and then had them for a snack).  

Shavon Mousser