National Chinese Speech Contest

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DLI Chinese students Jay Galloway from the 3rd grade, and Bryson Close, Ivy Young, Josie Jay, Jenivieve Wilson, and Isaac Tangren from the 4th grade showcased their language skills by participating in the National Chinese Speech Contest earlier this year. Issac Tangren and Maxwell Johnson participated in the talent show and made it into the final contest open and closing ceremony event. Their dedication and effort in applying their language learning are commendable, and we take great pride in their achievements!

Shavon Mousser and Jenny Reid

More Track Stars from the 5th Grade Meet!

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Lucy McCausland- 2nd Place, Long Jump; 1st Place 200 Meters; 1st Place, 400 Meters

Luke Chapman- 3rd Place, Softball Throw

Makena Hoerter- 4th Place, Softball Throw

Reese Reisinger- 5th Place, Softball Throw; 6th Place, 200 Meters

Luke Nilsson- 4th Place, 100 Meters; 4th Place, 400 Meters

Georgia Dodd- 2nd Place, 100 Meter; 3rd Place 200 Meters

Rooney Vest- 5th Place, 100 Meter; 4th Place 400 Meters

Shavon Mousser, LeAnn Betts

5th Grade Track Meet

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5th Grade students participated in the Springville Track Meet today!  We had three students place in the top three!  Congratulations!

1st Place in the 800: Rooney Vest

2nd Place in the 800: Andersen Priddis

3rd Place in the 800: Jett Jensen

Shavon Mousser, Nick Runolfson and Angela Youd

Amazing Keyboarders!

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Congratulations to Hunter Law and Abbie Reid (both 4th graders) for placing in the top 15 for the District!
Also, a big congratulations to the top keyboarders from Sage Creek: Hunter Law and Miriam Jenkins! 
Thank you Ms. Williams for helping us hone our skills!
Shavon Mousser

Dance For FUNds

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Did you ever think you could raise money for families fighting cancer simply by doing a little bit of dancing and exercising?  Well that’s exactly what you can do at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society DANCE for FUNds fundraising event, coming up on Saturday, April 27th at the Nebo School District Summit Center.

The day is packed full of family friendly dance activities, performances, physical challenges, free food, prizes, and more.  

Kick it off with Dancing Cosmo at 11:00.  Dance with Tik Tok star and cancer thriver, Tia Stokes, at 1:00.  Take a break at 3:00 and watch the BYU Dunk Team.  And so many other entertaining activities as well!

Our very own Nebo School District Dance Specialist, Melanie Fillmore, is the event organizer.  When her nephew asked Melanie to join his Visionary of the Year Campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, she gave him a big yes. She immediately knew somehow she wanted to join her love of dance with this important cause.

Don’t love to dance?  Come enjoy the performances, get some food, be inspired by our cancer heroes, or visit the “I Can Do It” station with physical challenges and contests.  There will also be a children’s dance room with fun dancing props for ages 1-6.  Options for the whole family!

For a detailed schedule and to register go to

Follow us on instagram or facebook @danceforfunds for all the details.    

Melanie Fillmore and Shavon Mousser

Who Wants to Be An Opera Star?

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We LOVED having several of the artists from the Utah Opera visit our school this morning!  We enjoyed learning opera terms and listening to beautiful music!  Please see Utah Opera's information about their School Outreach Program below:

"Utah Opera’s school programs give students opportunities to develop skills in music as identified in the state core curriculum while they are being introduced to the basic elements of the art form of opera; our programs also show audiences that being involved in the art form can be moving, thrilling, and fun. We hope to inspire promising young artists and give them experience with the variety of artistic activities and careers involved in the creation, development, and production of opera".

Shavon Mousser