Our San

Submitted by diana.guinn on Tue, 04/20/2010 - 09:46

This week Sage Creek Elementary honored soon to retire, Sandra Bachler, as the Classified Employee of the Year and, in our opinion, the World's Best Secretary!
When you think of the heart of the home, you think of your mother. And when you think of the heart of Sage Creek Elementary, you think of Sandy Bachler
For twenty-five years, through four of the five principals that have tenured here at the school, Sandy has been the center of the ever- rotating wheel of education that is Sage Creek Elementary. Her smiling face, with those delightful dimples, and always positive, helpful personality are the first experience anyone coming through our doors has with our school. Sandy sets the tone, the welcoming atmosphere, and gives everyone the feeling that they are the most important person to her. And, amazingly, she does all this while answering three phone lines, filling out sub papers, creating purchase orders, putting on band aids, fixing the copy machine, and fielding questions from a many (especially me) at the same time. Sandy’s patience never wavers. She never gets short or negative, never complains.
Sandy is more than a secretary to all of us. Sandy is a best friend, a surrogate mother, a sister. Sandy is a listener, a giver, and is always looking out for us all; buoying us up in the hard times and being patient with us and calming us, when our everyday crisis’s – both at home and at school, occur.
Sandy is indeed the heart of Sage Creek Elementary School. She is the ever steady beat and sustaining source of all that we are and all that we represent. No one deserves this award more than our San. She will be greatly missed by students, staff, and parents alike. Thank you Sandy!!