March Determined Dragons

Submitted by diana.guinn on Mon, 04/12/2010 - 09:11

At Sage Creek Elementary, classes are taught weekly the following Character Education skills: how to show appreciation, accept responsibility, and make good choices. These students have been chosen to be the Determined Dragons for the month of March because they have made our school a better place by using their Character Education skills. They are: Emma Wood, Bailey Everton, Gage Allman, Jacksen Stika, Jasmine Garcia, Willard Bradshaw, Jayden Myhren, Kallie Graves, Makayla Golding, Dakota Meyer, Kitiara Watson, Sydney Gee, Kallie Graves, Will Daybell, Hailey Rollins, Kim Bartholomew, Joshua Storrs, Trevor Mosley, Katelin Kim, Anton Meyer, Kooper Curtis, Rebecca Gee, Nathan Bingham, Jayden Myhren, Kaiden Exon, Amanda Guernsey, Chloe Burns, Ana Hoopes, Jaedyn Garcia, Miles Thomas, Gavin Seamons, Karlee Clark, Lisa Calhoun Christy White, Joshua Barwick, Zuki Kaufman, Dunchan Williams, Abby Jackman, and Kaylie Ross. Way to go students!!!