October 2013

Sage Creek Elementary will walk to grant a wish.

The students at Sage Creek Elementary will be walking to raise money so they can grant a wish to 3 year old Derek also from Springville. The students were able to meet Derek in a kick of assembly today after which they went out and began walking during their recess. Singer Steve James performed in the assembly supporting our students in Dereks cause as well as teaching values through his songs. If you would like to pledge money to our cause please see a Sage Creek Dragon or contact our front office. More pictures are on our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook.

Would you eat a bug?

The sixth grade at Sage Creek Elementary had the opportunity to eat a cricket. Students in Mrs. Anatares science class read an article titled "Would You Eat a Bug if it would Stop World Hunger". Students then polled parents, students and teachers to see if they would eat a bug.  They then wrote a persuasive essay stating if they would or would not support the eating of bugs. After essays were finished a much anticipated day came the day when they were able to try a cricket themselves. Most students didn't think they were too bad.

National Walk to School Day at Sage Creek


National Walk to School Day was celebrated at Sage Creek Elementary. Students were encouraged to walk or ride something to school today and prizes were awarded to several who did. Springville City participated by having an officer at the crosswalk and a fire engine and ambulance were here for students to view. More pictures will be posted on our facebook page.

New Planting Boxes at Sage Creek

Shelia Robbins

The 4th graders from Mrs. William's and Mrs. Robbins' classes and Mrs. Beesley's 1st grade planted radishes on Tuesday, October 8th in their new planting boxes.  The boxes were an eagle project that was done by Tyler Ashcraft, with the help of many others.  We are so appreciative of all of their hard work!  Now we are just hoping that the weather holds out so that we can have a great harvest of radishes! Watch for more pictures on our facebook page.

Math Buddies at Sage Creek

Mr. Bowden and Mrs. Giles have paired up their students in the fifth and second grades to help with math concepts. The fifth graders meet with their buddies every Friday for twenty to thirty minutes to participate in an activity that teaches a concept. Concepts worked on so far have been addition and skip counting. See more pictures on out facebook page. It's a Great Day to be a Dragon!