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Faculty and Staff


Alison Hansen
Jennifer Grant
Dean of Students
Lynette McMullin
Mary Brewer
Scott Grotegut
Head Custodian

District Specialists

Lindsey Smith
Literacy Coach
Tim Bell
IT Specialist
Heidi Whittaker
Utah Parent Center Nebo Parent Mentor
April Williams
District Keyboarding Specialist
Pam Turley
Digital Coach


Jane Orton
Kindergarten Teacher
Shavon Mousser
Kindergarten Teacher

1st Grade

Candy Sorensen
1st Grade Teacher
Claudia Shaffer
1st Grade Teacher (Dual Immersion)
Kiley Platt
1st Grade Teacher
Saili (Sally) Yu
1st Grade Chinese Teacher

2nd Grade

Kellian Giles
2nd Grade Teacher (Dual Immersion)
Kristen Ontiveros
2nd Grade Teacher
Leslie August
2nd Grade Teacher
Hsaio-Feng (Ann) Chen
2nd Grade Chinese Teacher

3rd Grade

Angie Hartung
3rd Grade Teacher
Gina Wang
3rd Grade Chinese Teacher
Katie Marchant
3rd Grade Teacher
Makenna Taylor
3rd Grade Teacher (Dual Immersion)

4th Grade

Louise Crook
4th Grade Teacher (Dual Immersion)
Stephanie Richards
4th Grade Teacher
Wanqi Zhang
4th Grade Chinese Teacher

5th Grade

BJ Wright
5th Grade Teacher (Dual Immersion)
Heather Bingham
5th Grade Teacher
Julie Wood
5th Grade Teacher
Rachel Hall Rae
5th Grade Teacher
Wei (Vicky) Yuan
5th Grade Chinese Teacher

6th Grade

Cynthia Birch
6th Grade Teacher
Megan Evans
6th Grade Teacher (Dual Immersion)
Taylor Stewart
6th Grade Teacher
Yating (Polaris) Li
6th Grade Chinese Teacher

Special Education

Dave Makin
Resource Teacher for Remote Learners
Kristi Jensen
Resource Teacher

Student Services

An'Jalee Burningham
Karen Burt
Lauren Nordstrom
Speech Therapist
Lenay Porter

Specialists & Aides

Wendy Fullmer
Librarian / Media Specialist
Ben Hale
Orchestra Teacher (Early-Morning)
Kasey DeMarco
Computer Specialist
Kristin Howard
Art/Music Specialist
Linda Brooks
Reading Tutor
Lisa Schuring
ESL Specialist
Marla Greenberg
Reading Tutor
Nancy Gray
P.E. Specialist
Samantha Robison
Skillbuilding Technician
Tiffani Richins
Intervention Tutor
Arin Crandall
Intervention Tutor
LeAnn Betts
Library and Leveled Library, PE, & Computers

Lunch Services

Djuana Sumsion
Lunch Clerk
Brandy Mascher
Lunch Services
Crystal August
Lunch Services

Custodial Crew

Manuel Lewis
Head sweeper
Drew Daybell
Ethan Howard
Student Sweeper
Jesslyn Crandall
Student Sweeper
Kaydan Taylor
Student Sweeper
Kandy Curtis
Substitute Sweeper
Anna Wright
Substitute Student Sweeper

The State of Utah certifies and qualifies teachers in three licensing areas:

  1. Professional license – A Professionally licensed teacher has met all state requirements to teach in their assigned area.
  2. Associates license – A teacher is enrolled in a University program and is actively working towards Professional license, for example: an intern teacher, a student teacher etc.
  3. Local Education Agency Specific (LEA Specific License) – A teacher has demonstrated competence and expertise in a current area of assignment or is a Professionally licensed teacher working towards an endorsement in an area of current assignment. These licenses are issued for 1, 2 or 3 years and are issued according to District policy.
School Teacher Count Professional License Count % Associate License Count % LEA License Count %
 Sage Creek  31  29  93  1  3.5  1  3.5
Updated 11/13/2020