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Online Registration

Online registration Opens July 25!

Note when Paying Fees or Make a Donation: Click HERE to pay online

    • ALL STUDENTS:  $25 per student is the suggested one-time amount for the entire year.  We heavily rely on your generous contributions to create an extraordinary education for your child.  We use these funds to buy supplies, fund field trips, assemblies, outdoor education activities, and special classroom projects.  We plan the year based on the donations we receive at the beginning of each school year. We ask for a $25 donation per student, but your donation of any amount is very much appreciated (and it’s confidential and tax deductible.) Payment is not required for participation.
    • DUAL IMMERSION STUDENTS:  $30 per student can also be paid at this time.  This charge is optional, but highly encouraged.  This purchases you a license for an online software program called Mandarin Matrix that provides your student books and activities in Chinese.  This subscription will last one year - Sept 2019 to Aug 2020.  Remember, the license was $40 last year and has decreased $10 because of the option of buying a premium license for $56 that gives you enhanced parent reports.  The $30 is the basic license which we feel is sufficient.

    You can also make online payments to join Sage Creek PTA at this time ($6.00 per member) and/or put money into your student's lunch account.


    Online payments are made via RevTrak (for Elementary) or MySchoolFees (for Secondary). RevTrak uses the “cart” system so you can combine multiple charges into one payment.

    The Online Registration process for the 2020-2021 school year is still being developed. More information will be posted here when it is available.

    Current Year Online Registration can continue as usual.