February 2016

Sage Creek 6th Grade Ties Blankets


Sage Creek Dragons tied fifty nine blankets today for Primary Childrens Hospital. Student's gave up recess and other opportunites during the day to serve and tie the fleece blankets. A big thank you to all those who helped make this a success today by donating fleece. See more photos on our Facebook page.

Sage Creek Students do well at Nebo Science Fair.


Several students in the fifth and sixth grades attended the Nebo Science Fair yesterday most move on to the Central Utah STEM Fair.  The following students get to move on for fifth grade; Kaden Martindale, Dalton Naumen, Max Warren, Sydney Watson, Banessa Wong, Ella Jackman and Thomas Bond. These students move on from the sixth grade; Emma Cox, Bently Reed, Jack Daybell, Alexa Neal, Aiden Bowden, Casey Harris and Nicole Allen. 

42,240 rotations per mile.


Sage Creek 6th grade answered the following questions: How long would it take for a Hot Wheels car to travel one mile? and How many rotations would one of the wheels make in one mile? Students tested, measured and calculated to come up with approximatly nine minutes to travel a mile and 42,240 rotations per mile. It was a fun day in math class.