December 2017



Sage Creek is kicking off the Holidays with a Sing-A-Long. Every grade chose a song to perform in front of their peers. They did a great job!

Should we eat... BUGS?!


Should we eat bugs to end world hunger? Mr. Stewart’s 6th grade class says...YES!!! After learning about the global food crisis, students wrote opinion essays to share their feelings about how we could end world hunger. Students then bravely  “put their money where their mouth is”  and chowed down on bugs! Salt and vinegar flavored crickets and cheddar flavored mealworms were their favorite! Students said that the bugs tasted like crunchy chips or sun flower seeds.

Fun Christmas Week Dress-Up Days

Our student council is promoting some fun dress-up days next week to celebrate Christmas.  We'll announce it for the students, but I thought you would want to know, too.  A couple grades had already planned things a little differently (noted below) and that's great - it's all about being festive next week!   Mon, Dec 18 - Backwards Day (wear your clothes backwards) Tues, Dec 19 - Crazy Sock & Hair Day (wear crazy socks and/or crazy hair) Wed, Dec 20 - Christmas Day (wear red/green ...

6th gr Orchestra Concert ... AMAZING!


Our 6th gr orchestra performed a Christmas Concert last week and will perform for the school this week during lunch and morning rush (as students are coming to school).  They perform under the direction of Mr. Russell Hansen.  The largest majority of them have not played an instrument before this year and with only a few months under their belt, they are impressive.  It's a great group of students who meet before school for orchestra practice.  An excellent group!

Sage Creek Students Rock the Reflections Competition!


A huge shout out to the students who represented Sage Creek well with their artistic talents at the PTA council reflections event on December 7th. Students submitted various entries such as visual arts, literature, 3-D art, dance and coreography, film, and music. Here are the incredible students that went on:

Tess Uriona

Autumn Hartung

Micah Allen

Alexander Averett

Winnie Morrise

Michael Mott

Preston Hansen

Clara Allen

Hansen's Heroes


Sage Creek Dragons go above and beyond to show how they are responisble, and how they are great role models for the rest of their Sage Creek family. Way To Go Dragons!

Graphing Battleship


Mrs. Martin's 6th grade students got to practice their graphing skills with a game of Graphing Battleship! It was a fun way for the students to practice graphing and saying ordered pairs! 


PTA Class Spotlights - Ms. Ontiveros' and Ms. Hall's classes

We'd like to showcase two classes this week - selected because, as a group, they gone "above and beyond" in representing what Sage Creek dragons are all about.

Our 2nd gr Ms. Ontivero’s Class loves “It’s a Math Facts” game! Their variety of backgrounds doesn’t divide them. Instead they are great at showing respect for others and themselves and at school are one big family!

Ms. Hall’s 2nd gr class loves 4 corners and Science Experiments! They strengthen their class family by filling each other’s “kindness buckets” and using kind words. Ms. Hall says they are the best!