6th Grade "Jam" Science Session

Rebecca Antares
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On Wednesday, November 28, 2012, the 6th grade students of Sage Creek Elementary were
participating in their own private “jam” session in science. “It was so amazing to see some of the ideas
that the students came up with for instruments!” said Mrs. Antares. “I love our 6 th grade students!
They are so creative!” All of the instruments had to be created by the students - no professional
instruments allowed. Believe it or not, this is actually part of the State of Utah’s core curriculum for
science. Students learn about how sound is created, amplified and what makes sounds different from
one another. To demonstrate that they understand these concepts, Sage Creek’s awesome 6 th graders
each created, explained about and played their instruments. From a miniature banjo and bell (created
by Ashlee Harmon and Jenika Tilton), a flute that he could play (Cole Packer) and a veritable
smorgasbord of percussion instruments (created by Gwyneth Perry), the students came with an amazing
assortment of talents. Today, in the 6th grade science room, it was a rockin’ and glorious cacophony of