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Kindergarten and 6th gr - Interested in Graduation Signs in Your Yard?

Submitted by alison.hansen on Mon, 05/11/2020 - 10:18

Our PTA has pitched it in to help families of kindergarteners and 6th graders celebrate their child’s milestones.  As we can’t have our traditional graduation programs, our PTA has volunteered to organize vinyl signs they will place in your yard recognizing your child’s big moment and help make a splash over them.  This is completely voluntary and optional - if you are interested, the link to the form is included below.  It should be filled out this week - by Fri, May 15 at the latest.  Note that PTA will ask for your address on the form - this is because school records cannot be shared with anybody outside of school, we will always keep your information private (even from PTA! :) ).  

Attention Kindergarten and 6th gr Parents!!  If you would like PTA to place a vinyl sign in your yard celebrating your student, please fill out this form letting Sage Creek PTA know.  It needs to be completed by Fri, May 15.