Sage Creek Celebrates National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and we've spent the month in the library doing lots of different fun activities involving reading and writing poetry.  One of the activities that the 4th, 5th and 6th graders participated in was writing "Blackout Poetry".  It was so much fun watching the students explore pages to find just the right words to describe everything from feeling sick to family relationships.  Abbie did a particularly outstanding job so we wanted to share it.

Retirement Celebrations!

Sage Creek proudly presents a celebration in the honor of 5 wonderful individuals who have touched many lives in their tenure at Sage Creek.  The students, faculty, and these educator's families will celebrate on May 24 at a special assembly.  Our retirees are Dayna Tanner and Michelle Porter (kindergarten), Pam Trevenen (1st gr), John Wald (speech therapist) and Betty Hatfield (skillbuilding techncian).