November 2019

Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Sage Creek Business Partners

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At a Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce meeting held Nov 1, various educational institutions recognized business partners who went "above and beyond" to partner with schools in donations of either time, money or goods.  Sage Creek recognized the very generous efforts of Derek Tangren and Brad Anderson, two employees of Adobe (and fathers of our students) who funneled Adobe's Charitable Donations to our school in their behalf.  We purchased iPads for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd gr classrooms with these funds.  Thank you, Derek and Brad!

Utah Valley Growth Survey - please participate!

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This fall, Envision Utah is helping Utah Valley residents and stakeholders create a vision for the future as we add nearly 1 million people to our population over the next 50 years. This effort – called Valley Visioning – has culminated into the Valley Visioning survey, linked below.

The survey gives Utah Valley residents the chance to weigh in on growth-related issues important to our future. It will serve as the foundation for a vision with specific strategies which will help ensure Utah Valley remains a great place to call home, now and in the future.

The survey is also a good chance for us to get support for our school. Please take the survey and type in Sage Creek school’s name at the end. For every survey completed by a parent, teacher, or student (13 years or older), Ancestry and Adobe (in partnership with Envision Utah) have agreed to donate $1.50 to our school