November 2017

Thoughtful Thursday


It's that time again! Thoughtful Thursday. Mrs. Bingham's 5th grade class wrote notes of gratitude to members of the Sage Creek community. Students were also challenged to do a kind diid throughout the day.

3rd grade teachers


Mrs. Bingham's 5th grade class stopped by Mrs. Taylor's 3rd grade class while working on non-fiction text features. 3rd grade students had to find text features such as headings, maps, captions etc. in a text book. When they were finished with their scavenger hunt, they quizzed their older dragon friends to find everything that they had just learned. 3rd graders sure loved it when their 5th grade partners would get stumped and they would have to teach them.

PTA Class Spotlights - Ms. Hartung & Ms. Chen/Giles Forest Classes

This week's class spotlights are Ms. Hartung's class and Ms. Chen/Giles' Forest Class (Chinese Immersion).  Ms. Hartung's class is very accepting of other people's differences and learning abilities.  They realize that differences don't always have to divide them.  Way to be kind and compassionate!  This shows real Dragon spirit!!  Ms. Giles/Chen's Forest class loves having a daily password to get into class.  They love to work hard and enjoy their monthly class store.  This class shows that working hard and having fun are also part of what it takes to show Sage Creek Dragon spirit!

Hansen's Heroes


Sage Creek students keep rocking Hansen's Heroes. This group is a great group of dedicated, kind and hard working students. Way to Go Dragons!