December 2016

Ms. Tippetts Receives Award

Submitted by alison.hansen on Tue, 12/27/2016 - 12:32

A hearty shout-out and congratulations to Ms. Pam Tippetts, the recent recipient of the Horace Mann Crystal Apple Award.  Ms. Tippetts has taught 26 years, all at Sage Creek School.  She has had experience in all grades, but has taught primarily 5th and 6th grades during her career.  Ms. Tippetts currently fulfills the role of school facilitator which means she does a little bit of almost everything!  Her primary role is the school mentor and has worked with and developed many excellent teachers who are either at our school or have moved on to other schools in the district (and beyond).  Pam  is an extremely hard worker and is very organized - she is methodical in her planning and execution of any responsibility and/or project she is a part of.  Many staff members have leaned on Pam for support and guidance and esteem her as a gem of knowledge and expertise. Ms. Tippetts is a master teacher and has touched the lives of many in the Sage Creek community.  Well done, Pam! 

Ms. Lisa Shuring Receives Award

Submitted by alison.hansen on Tue, 12/27/2016 - 12:23

Sage Creek would like to congratulate Ms. Lisa Schuring who recently received the prestigious Nebo District PEAK Award handed out by the Nebo District School Board.  Ms. Shuring is our ESL technician and works tireless hours to make sure students who are not native English speakers have access to their education.  From providing tutoring services to translation services, Ms. Shuring is very devoted to the children she serves and their families.  Ms. Shuring also is a member of the board of Books for a Better World, a non-profit organization that donates books to schools in remote, underserved populations in third-world countries.  Ms. Shuring is an integral member of our staff and a wonderful representation of what we are all about at Sage Creek.  Congratulations on such well-deserved recognition!

Sage Creek Orchestra and Bell Choirs Perform

Submitted by anthony.bowden on Thu, 12/15/2016 - 14:50

The Sage Creek Orchestra  performed Chrismas songs they had learned for the school today. The students have learned a ton and did a fantastic job.  Thanks for teaching them Mr. Hansen. Students also enjoyed the bell choirs. They amaze us each year with their performance thanks to Ms. Scott for all time you put in teaching all the students and teachers.

THANK YOU to Allstate Insurance!

Submitted by alison.hansen on Mon, 12/12/2016 - 15:08

A huge shout-out and THANK YOU to Allstate Insurance who recently donated $1000 to our school.  Allstate has an "X the Text" campaign which encourages drivers to stay safe while driving by not texting at the wheel.  Sage Creek received these funds in conjunction with this campaign.  These proceeds will go towards helping our school in multiple areas and we are extremely grateful for such generosity!

Hour of Code Week Celebrated at Sage Creek

Submitted by alison.hansen on Fri, 12/09/2016 - 20:44

This week, students participated in Hour of Code, a global movement to give students an opportunity to try coding.  Employees from Inside Sales, a local business partner, have been working with Sage Creek students in our traditional classes since September teaching students principles of coding.  This week, they hosted an assembly for all of our students in 4th-6th gr.  The students learned about giving specific instructions to computers including using loops.  Along with our Unplugged Activity, Inside Sales shared several opportunities to try coding using computers, tablets, or even smart phones.  These can be found at the website:

There are many different coding opportunities on this website.  For our assembly, we focused on the Moana activity, but if another coding activity is more interesting (Minecraft, Star Wars, Frozen, etc.) please do that!

 Coding helps students learn to think differently.  It helps them learn problem-solving techniques including breaking problems into smaller steps, noticing when steps are repeated, and persisting until a working solution is reached.  This benefits students in almost every subject.  Give coding a try today!

A huge THANK YOU to Inside Sales for their time and efforts in working with our students each week!


Sage Creek Staff Highlight

Submitted by anthony.bowden on Thu, 12/08/2016 - 10:36

Katie Jones is a 3rd grade teacher at Sage Creek Elementary.  She has been teaching for 3 years.  She graduated from BYU in Elementary Education. Katie’s favorite subject to each is math.  When asked about a funny teaching moment she recalls one time when a student brought a pet cat to school in a backpack!  She likes to ski, play ultimate Frisbee and is an Imagine Dragons fan. Katie is a pleasure to teach with and we are happy she is with us at Sage Creek Elementary.