November 2023

Kindergarten Scientists

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Ms. Mousser's kindergarten students learned about the Scientific Method today as they determined which substance (salt, dirt, baking soda, or brown sugar) would melt an ice cube the fastest.  Following the experiment, we found that salt melts ice the fastest with brown sugar in 2nd place.

Shavon Mousser

Kindergarten Engineers!

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Ms. Orton's students read the book, "Balloons Over Broadway" by Melissa Sweet (a book about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade).  Following the reading, students were given a balloon and various supplies and used their engineering skills to suspend the balloon as if it was inflated with helium.

Shavon Mousser and Jane Orton

5th Grade Wax Museum

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Fifth Grade did an amazing job with the Hall of History/Wax Museum program.  They worked really hard at researching and creating their presentations.  A big shout out to Mrs. Howard for teaching them all the patriotic songs they performed.  Way to go 5th-Grade!

Shavon Mousser and Julie Wood

Veterans Day Recognition

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Sage Creek honored Veterans this morning with a beautiful program. A local scout group raised a new flag, we heard the bagpipes, 5th grade same some patriotic songs and 1st grade did a kind chant. Thank you Veterans for your service and sacrifice! 


Chelsea Wilson

PTA Reflections

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 The PTA Reflections for the 2023/24 was "I Am Hopeful Because".  The following students are the winners in the various categories.  Those students who won an award of excellence will continue competing on the council level.  Congratulations, Dragons!

2D art 

Award of Excellence-Betty Morales, Berkley Peery

Award of Merit-Kinley Peery, Samuel Manzanilla



Excellence-Amy Warren



Excellence-Berkley and Kinley Peery



Excellence-Kinley Peery, August Green

Merit Cam Beals and Berkley Peery



Excellence-Etta Folkman



Excellence-Jasper Rigdon, Spencer Osborn

Merit- Fenyx Sorensen, August Green


3D Art

Excellence-Edison Anderson, Samuel Nielsen

Merit- Tanner Osborn, Rosie Corie

Shavon Mousser, Janae Kent and Angela Youd