March 2018

Ms. Murdoch, 6th gr teacher - A Published Author!

Submitted by alison.hansen on

A hearty congratulations to Ms. Murdoch for her recent publication.  While a student at Brigham Young University, she pursued research with Dr. Tim Morrison.  Her area of study was in literacy development in children.  An research project she spent significant time with dealing with textual demands on young readers was recently published in an influential journal.  Congratulations, Ms. Murdoch!



Kindergarten has a Magic Treehouse!

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Mrs. Mousser's class has designed and created their very own Magic Treehouse. They decided to make their very own treehouse when they fell in love with the adventures contained in the book series "The Magic Treehouse". They have been dramatizing scenes from the stories. Going to magical lands and having adventures of their own.

Alice in Wonderland... And that's a wrap

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Wow! These groups of students have worked so hard to make the play Alice in Wonderland a success, and I think they have done it! two different casts 2 different times to perform, and they blew it out of the water. Students at Sage Creek had the opportunity to see Alice in Wonderland on Wednesday. Thursday night was the night that parents and loved ones we able to see their blossoming actors and actresses take the stage. A huge shout out to Mr. Wright for making this play possible. Countless play practices, costumes to make, sleepless nights to make sure everything was perfect for these young students. Great job students, Hollywood is waiting for all of you!

Buddies Easter Egg Hunt

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Mrs. Taylor's 3rd grade classes and Mrs. Orton's Kindergarten classes have the privelege of being buddies. This week was so much fun when they worked together to go on an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. They had to solve riddles to take them to different places, and they had to work as a team to stay together.