February 2020

Sage Creek Great Candy Drop (and Pie in Teacher's Faces!)

Submitted by alison.hansen on

On Fri (Feb 28), our studentbody will be celebrated for their hard work raising money for our PTA!  The PTA supports our school in hundreds of direct and indirect ways making enriching each student's life at Sage Creek.  A fundraiser was held earlier in the month raising funds for our PTA and to help make it more exciting, each milestone that was made earned extra fun prizes for out students to participate in.  These prizes included extra recess, throwing pies in teacher's faces, classroom slushy parties, and the grand prize of all ... one of our PTA dads, who is a pilot, using his plane to throw candy out the window of his plane as he flies by the play field.  We're looking forward to some fun on Friday afternoon!  Many thanks for our PTA for supporting our school, your children.  

Enjoy Math?... Here's a Great Way to Learn More!

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 The department of Mathematics at BYU is offering courses for students who love math! These courses are advanced for students who thrive in math, or just simply love it. They will explore, solve difficult problems, and have fun doing it! If you are interested in signing your child up click the link below. 



Hansen's Heroes

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This week's group of Hansen's Heroes are a fantastic group of students! They are determined, happy, hard workers, and want to be the best at everything they do! Great job dragons!

Mr. BJ Wright Earns District Award

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We would like to congratulate Mr. BJ Wright who received a PEAK Award from Nebo School District Board at board meeting this past week.  PEAK stands for Positive Energy and Kindness which epitomizes Mr. Wright to a tee!  He is knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and a master at producing and directing our school play.  Sage Creek is lucky to have him as part of our school community!  Congratulations, Mr. Wright!

Dragonland Fundraiser... There's Still Time!

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There is still time for your child to turn in their Dragonland envelope for our school wide fundraiser. They are due this Friday! Fill them out, donate (if you are able to), have your child turn them in, and they will be placed in a drawing, and we can reach our goal. Sage Creek has reached $4,000, WOW! Lets keep going! Thank you PTA for all of your hard work to put this together.