Library Olympic Reading Program

Submitted by alison.hansen on Fri, 10/28/2016 - 18:35
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We have an Olympic reading program going on in the library at Sage Creek.  You may have heard a little about it, the kids are excited about earning their bronze, silver, and gold medals!  Here is how it works:  When a child completes reading a book he can bring a sheet of paper into Mrs. Fullmer that is signed by an adult in his household that has the name(s) of the book(s), the number of pages read, the name of the student, and the adult signature.  Please wait until the book is completed before reporting it to the library.  For 100 pages of reading the student earns a bronze medal, for 200 pages a silver, and for 300 pages a gold.  Mrs. Fullme has told students that they are totally welcome to be the Michael Phelps of Sage Creek reading and can receive as many medals as they earn throughout the year.  If the books that they have completed don't add up to 100 pages yet that is ok--we write them on a card and the pages accumulate over the year.  Please let even the more beginning readers know that by the end of the year a gold medal is totally achievable if they take it one book at a time.  If you have any questions feel free to call Mrs. Fullmer.  Pictured above are several of our most recent gold medal winners.