Sage Creek Staff Spotlights

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This week, we are selecting Mr. Bowden, sixth grade teacher, and Mr. Andersen, school counselor, to spotlight.  

Mr. Anthony Bowden teaches sixth grade and is definitely a favorite among students!  He highly values education and himself is a lifelong learner.  Mr. Bowden holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Sports Science from the University of Utah, a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Educastion from Utah State University, and a Master's Degree with an elementary mathematics focus in Elementary Education from Southern Utah University.  He loves to do anything outdoors - particularly waterski, ride dirtbikes with his boys, and hunt and fish with his family.  He is married to Amy and they have six delightful children, five boys and one girl.  Mr. Bowden's motto when teaching math and something he tried to instill in his students, "If in doubt, draw a picture."  Mr. Bowden always keeps things lively for his students and coworkers and we are happy to have him a part of our faculty!

Mr. Troy Andersen is one of those people that everybody loves to be around.  As a school counselor, he spends a significant amount of his time working with individuals one-on-one and has developed many positive relationships with students here.  He also goes into classrooms regularly and teaches students skills that help them.  One of his focuses this year is empowering students to recognize if/when they can solve problems or when they need an adult to intervene.  His presentation on "little deals, big deals" has generated much positive discussion providing students skills to help them address a "little deal" such as somebody cutting in line in front of them - he works with students on appropriate stragies to deal with "little deals" such as just saying "oh well" or asking the other person to stop.  And, of course, helping students know when to get an adult's help and if ever in doubt, ask an adult.  He loves watching students make good choices and seeing their progress towards independence.  Mr. Andersen is married and he and his wife have one son.  He loves doing anything outdoors and spending time with his family.  He holds a Master's Degree from Brigham Young University and thinks he has the best job in the whole school!