November 2019

Brandon Mull comes to Sage Creek

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We had a very exciting morning at Sage Creek! Brandon Mull famous author of the FableHaven series, Dragonwatch, Beyonders and many more presented to students the importance of creativity, and hard work. Thank you for coming and sharing your wonderful experiences and books with us! 

Utah! This is the Place!

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4th grade performed their hearts out today for Sage Creek! They taught everyone what they are learning every day in class. All about Utah's history, culture, and environment. Huge shout out to the fantastic 4th grade teachers for teaching these students about the greatest state in America! 

Thank You Veterans!

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On this beautiful morning all of Sage Creek stood unitied to show our appreciation to all of the veterans who have fought and died for our amazing country. Thank you to our guest speaker for sharing your story, and showing us what a true American looks like. And thank you to our own Mr. Villar for your service! We Love You! 

Hansen's Heroes

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Our first group of Hansen's Heroes in November! This is a fantastic group of students that really shows their peers how to be incredible! Great job Heroes!

Sage Creek's Math Team - Off to a FANTASTIC beginning!

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Sage Creek's math team, led by Mrs. Crook, is composed of 4th-6th gr students who compete each Fri morning against teams from across the country.  Our first competition was on Fri, Nov 1st, against a team in Kansas.  The competition was fierce and the score was tied, but we won because we completed the tasks in less time.   Way to represent our school, Dragons!!